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   Reduce your EMR exposure with high quality shielding paint, fabrics and emi shielding film.

YSHIELD Shielding products – the revolution in shielding technology.

We offer shielding solutions, including EMI shielding, for a wide range of applications for protecting people and specialized equipment against electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We constantly develop new products for special applications and changing market needs. We will be glad to answer your questions and assist you in finding the optimum solution for your EMR measurement or shielding problem.

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To shield walls, ceilings and roofs against electromagnetic radiation we recommend using shielding paints. These paints can be universally applied and they are easy to handle and process- similar to an ordinary wall paint.

the shield paint is certified to achieve a reduction of 99.97% of HF radiation in one layer.

All paints shield without metal particles using only carbon. Therefore they offer perfect corrosion resistance, long-term durability and are environmentally safe.

Our shielding paints are endorsed by the Green Painters Association.

We guarantee that all our shielding paints are free of toxic solvents and additives.

Further information:

shield paint catalogue
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Certificates of shielding power
- Shielding Paint HSF54
- Shielding Paint NSF34
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Project examples:
Shielding project examples

To shield windows and doors against electromagnetic radiation we recommend shielding fabrics. Select from 100 % cotton fabric or synthetic fabric offering shielding power at an exceptional value. All of our shielding fabrics are washable, and easy to iron and process.

Further information:
Shielding fabrics catalogue
Naturell, Evolution, Wear, New Daylite

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 Shielding Canopies
To completely shield beds against electromagnetic radiation we recommend shielding canopies as a cost effective and simple solution. They provide easy access with two overlapping entrance flaps.

Further information:

Shielding canopies catalogue
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To optimize shielding solutions, individual electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure must be accurately determined. As newly installed EMR sources may change individual exposure dramatically, we recommend checking EMR levels regularly. The best way to do this is with one of our EMR meters or EMR analyzers, which offer good performance and accuracy at moderate prices. Handbooks included. Engineered and produced in Germany.

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 Shielding Film
To shield windows and glass surfaces against high frequency radiation (HF) we recommend emi shielding film for indoor application on non heat absorbing glass

This range of precious metal coated and self adhesive films provide excellent shielding and a very high degree of transparency. Select between higher and lower light transmission. They also help retain warmth in winter and reduce it in summer thereby cutting your fuel bills.

Further information:

Shielding Films

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Paints endorsed by ‘The Green Painters Association’

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