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EMR Survey

We can measure EMR sources and levels for you and if necessary recommend ways to address areas of concern and/or advise on EMF shielding options and mobile phone radiation protection..

If you are concerned but the science is just too confusing, why not book one of our experts to come to your place with our professional meters and survey your home or office/workplace, child care centre, school or wellness clinic for all EMR or particular aspects that you are concerned about.

We will talk with you to establish your specific needs and visit your site at an agreed time. We will scan for all relevant frequencies, and measure radiation emissions from different sources (phone towers, smart meters, Wi Fi, Cordless phones, microwave ovens etc) logging the readings and directions for each room. When the survey is complete we will explain the results including any areas of concern and if required, advise you on what shielding products, mobile phone radiation shield will best suit your home/office and mobile phone. Our expert will also estimate the total cost of materials and explain your options.

The survey duration will vary, depending on building size but will take a minimum of one and a half hours.
While there is still much debate about what is a safe exposure level to both radio frequency radiation (RF* and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s**), given the potential adverse effects we recommend low exposure levels that are within the most stringent international guidelines and emf shielding if appropriate..

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*Sources of RF include: mobile phone towers, smart meters, wireless internet and wireless devices, mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, TV and radio transmission masts.
** Sources of EMF’s include power lines, electricity substations, meter boxes, faulty wiring, digital clock radios and other electrical appliances.

Design & Installation Service

We can design, plan and install your shielding solution.

By making use of the Survey Information and after consulting with you or your building manager, office managers, HR and management, our experts will design a “shield pattern” that is convenient to work with. We then install the shielding products, test them, and then decorate afterwards.

The design process can be complicated as we need to assess each room and then only design shielding solutions for the rooms requiring shielding.

Once the design is agreed, we then have to plan the Installation. We will arrange the electricians, technicians, painters & decorators, curtain/blind makers and window film applicators around your requirements.

Our experts will include before and after readings in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the shielding solutions and can even provide you with a mobile phone radiation shield as well.

We organise the whole process and you benefit from a safe clean home or working environment and mobile phone radiation protection, with reduced lethargy and reduced absenteeism and in a few years reduced insurance premiums.

Call us now on 03 5988 6238 to obtain a quote.

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