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   Concerned about EMF levels? Stay safe with EMF Meter and Testing

If you are concerned about the level of electromagnetic radiation effects (EMR) in your home or office (eg phone towers, smart meters, wireless internet and powerlines over etc), then use the EMR Shielding Solutions emf testing approach

One of the most common questions we are confronted with in EMR Shielding Solutions' customer service department is concerning the quality of shielding solutions or shielding systems, and the certainty that the shielding products have been installed correctly.

As electromagnetic radiation (EMR) becomes an ever more present issue in virtually every corner of the planet, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of EMR. EMR Shielding Solutions offers step by step instructions on how to assess a given situation on a limited budget. This is not as accurate as a professional measurement (emr testing and/or emf readings) with our top end professional meters, but is sufficient for most situations in private homes and buildings. With the purchase of one of our measuring instruments, you purchase a German made quality product that you can use anywhere, anytime. Should a more precise reading be required, we are able to provide expert on site EMF testing using our top end professional emf meter.

By checking the situation in your home regularly, you will be able to detect changes in EMR levels. Examples of new EMR sources that can change the situation in your home dramatically, that would otherwise go undetected, are for example: an additional sender antenna on an existing mobile phone tower, a new smart meter that could have been installed, or a new DECT-cordless telephone that your neighbour has purchased which emits pulsed microwave radiation 24 hours a day and possibly causes significant EMR levels.

In addition you will be able to assess the situation in your new home, if you move. Our meters start from as low as $239 for EMF meters and $449 for HF detectors. All of our meters are engineered, produced and tested in Germany.

Surveys and meters

Our experts use the very latest equipment for surveying, the HFR-4 EMR meter we use measures the speed of the flow of electro-magnetic radiation, over a very wide frequency range and shows us the direction of strong signals.

Scientists explain that radiation is like a river and its tributaries, each tributary will have different flow rates and volume rates and speed rates, some rivers may be deep and flow very slow, others fast and wide; our meters show a bar scale that represents the flow rate measured in uW/mē (microwatts per square metre) and speed in mV/m (millivolts per metre)of the EMR river.

In our Survey, we will be able to demonstrate any dangers by showing you readings, the direction, and probable source of detected EMR. It has to be remembered that, sources turn on and off over daily and weekly patterns. By using the three pieces of information and factoring in time periods, our experts will be able to determine major concerns and probable risks. Please call us now on 03 5988 6238 for a quotation.

We offer the highest quality level customer service in the business! Guaranteed.

We offer support via the internet or telephone. If you feel insecure concerning the next step for achieving a good shielding solution, we will assist via internet, telephone or email. We answer your questions concerning the emf measurement devices, the measurement process and the shielding products.

All EMR Shielding Solutions personnel are experienced in measuring and interpreting results using the meters sold and in developing customer shielding solutions. We guarantee that you will be assisted by an EMR expert. Test us and talk to us!

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