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Uses of EMF detectors



Choosing a meter is not a difficult task, if you have decided exactly what you need.  In this case, you are expected to know what you need, and work towards it, because no single meter can do it all.

The main question that you are going to answer is what am I suppose to measure? If you know what you are looking for, it will help you to make an informed decision of what you need. but if the reverse is the case, it will be difficult for you, knowing what you want, and working towards it.

The following questions here will surely refine your decision. Am I really interested in measuring magnetic fields? Am I interested in microwaves? How accurate do I need, higher or lower accuracy? Do I prefer analog or digital? What features do I want, audible signal? Portability or multiple capability? Etc.

If you are still finding it difficult to measure, then contacting any online technical or e-mail staff that deals on EMF detector would be the right thing to do.  You can contact them any day any time; they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Let us now look at the uses of EMF detectors:

  • The EMF detector measures its own fields
  • It is one of the essential tools we use when we are doing paranormal investigation
  • It is based on the assumption that spirits are capable of manipulating our environment
  • Helps in measuring free-floating electromagnetic fields waves which passes via a location
  • Assists in supporting an EMF hypersensitivity

Keep in mind that it can leak from any electrical output / input, or energy source. If an alarm clock leaks more than 10-milligaus of electromagnetic fields all the night, it could give rise to EMF hypersensitivity depending on the duration of the exposure and the person’s proximity.

Some side effects include headaches, blotchy vision, mild hallucinations, dizziness, and lots more. Some victims of EMF exposure may think that they are having a paranormal activity or influence.

For the sake of investigation, it would be necessary to set your electromagnetic fields detector to milligaus. Millions of people use this common measurement in both their commercial and residential zoning.

Life has no duplicate, and you live only but once, and you can make it fun if you so desire. In this case, knowing the uses of EMF detector will enable you to know how you can take advantage of it!


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