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EMF Meters and Ghost Hunting

EMF Meter

EMF is emitted by all kinds of electrical & electronic devices. Basically, it is everywhere, originating from the cell phones, appliances, the human body, and even electrical wiring. Thus, users are expected to make informed decisions on how they can minimize the exposure.

In this page, we are going to look at whether EMF meters are capable of discovering ghost hunting as some people claim with practical examples.

 Electromagnetic fields have been associated with areas where complex phenomena have been reported especially alleged haunting. EMF detectors are used for so many applications, like measuring electrical leakages both in microwaves, free-flowing electromagnetic fields, electricity in power lines, and other industrial electrical appliances.

Basic forms of electromagnetic waves which can be measured by EMF detector are ultraviolet, visible light, infrared light, x-rays, radio signals, and microwaves. Most times you notice that some people will be running around decrepit buildings at night saying that they are pursuing ghosts, and often calling it ‘science’

Furthermore, you may have also seen people asking questions aloud at night in the empty and dark room, then considering any blinking or flash light, while technically referring to it as science. Certainly, even if we were to detect the existence of ghosts, this might not be the best way to prove their existence, especially when we look at the number of things that would cause interference and the things that the meter can detect.

Most times you see para normalists trying to prove the existence of metaphysical things with inappropriate meters, this is very wrong. Even if ghosts exist, this could be unreliable way of proving it. These meters can detect any other objects apart from the supernatural.

The research about whether EMF can detect ghosts is very rare. The researches have been insufficient so far. But science has never produced any scientific-looking device with little arms and flashing lights which will raise an alarm at the sight of a ghost.

The summary of all we are saying here is that electromagnetic meter detector is not able to detect the presence of ghosts in a room. Though some people with shallow mentality may believe this.


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